Dione Page (b. 1936) Plants, Gourds & Quinces

Dione Page (b. 1936) Plants, Gourds & Quinces

Dione Page – Plants, Gourds & Quinces


Dione Page has a long history of creating bold outdoor scenes filled with fishing boats stranded in the mud of Mersea or Harwich and country houses with picturesque manicured gardens. Accompanying such scenes are the still life images of succulent fruits, blossoming flowers and ready to eat shellfish. Her chosen subjects are intensified by her favoured medium: a mix of gouache, wax pastel and lumigraph pencil. This unique combination was developed and perfected from her earlier days as a graphic designer, where she worked for local prominent artist, Charles Debenham.


Being brought up in wartime Maldon, the privileged young Page, whose father ploughed his farm with the native Suffolk Punches, went on to study at the Colchester School of Art (1953-6). There, she was taught by fellow Victor-Batte Lay Trust resident, Hugh Cronyn. Dione Page went on to work for Charles Debenham as a Graphic designer, then on to marrying her husband and framer, Nelson Blowers in 1966. From then on she exhibited throughout the county and elsewhere in the country. Most notably being in the National Library of Wales, where her fond memories of holidaying with her family in the valleys are recreated in her work. Her work for the county extended beyond her art, being elected both an Essex County Council adult education art tutor and a selection committee member for Colchester Arts Society. She has work in public and private collections including: the Nuffield Foundation, Ernst & Young and Essex County Council. She exhibited at the Minories in 1983.


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