Drawn by Alexander Keable Glover Printed by Charles Joseph Hullmandel (1789-1850) Published by Alexander Keable Glover

Drawn by Alexander Keable Glover Printed by Charles Joseph Hullmandel (1789-1850) Published by Alexander Keable Glover


A.K. Glover was a Drawing and Writing Master who was also a publisher established at 56 North Hill in Colchester.

Charles Joseph Hullmandel was a draughtsman and lithographer of landscapes and topographical views after his own designs and those of others. He was born in London, the son of a musician and became one of the first and most important lithographers in England. Having discovered in 1818 that printers were not able to produce prints of his lithographic sketches of Italy, he decided to find out more about the printing process. From 1819 until his death he consequently maintained a lithographic establishment in Great Marlborough’s Street in London. Having developed a method of reproducing gradations in tones and creating the effect of soft colours, he was able to print reproductions of Romantic landscape paintings by English painters such as Turner. He also worked for continental painters such as Gericault. Gericault’s English Series was printed on Hullmandel’s press. In 1824 Hullmandel published an essay on The Art of Drawing on Stone which became an important reference work. In 1843 he went into partnership with Joseph Fowell Walton (1812� after 1863), a cousin of the landscape artist and lithographer W. L. Walton.� The firm then became known as Hullmandel & Walton.


This colour engraving which was drawn in 1825 represents Colchester Castle as it was in the early 19th century. At the time there was no bridge and flanking its west side was a fenced compound and a series of sheds. These seem to have been part of a small holding which occupied that part of the Castle grounds. For more information on the castle see engravings by William Henry Bartlett and John Preston Neale in the catalogue.


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