Towards reopening the Minories – we need a general manager

Towards reopening the Minories – we need a general manager

Last week we were awarded  £125,000 from the Culture Recovery Fund. This week we are looking for a General Manager for the Minories to oversee and implement the plans we submitted to the Arts Council England when applying for the grant. The grant is for a six month period, and so this appointment is for the same, but we all hope and expect that this is the start of a new and successful chapter in the life of the Minories.

Please help us by spreading the word widely.

Here is all the information you need to apply:

We are hiring again! The Victor Batte-Lay Foundation is seeking a General Manager

Please do apply with a CV and statement of your suitability for the role by

27th October 2020
(Sorry for haste but we need to crack on!)
Send your application to [email protected]




6 months contract £15,000



The role of the General Manager is to implement the aims of the Victor Batte-Lay Foundation and its trading arm We are the Minories.

The purpose of the Foundation as stated in its constitution is: “the Provision and maintenance of land and buildings from time to time owned by the charity as a museum and art gallery, for the exhibition of a collection or collections of objects of antiquarian interest, art or science for the benefit of the inhabitants of Colchester and of the general public.”

The directors of the Foundation are keenly aware of their social obligations; to which end they have pledged to use their clout through the Foundation to mitigate climate change, to work for social justice, inclusivity, diversity and accessibility, ensuring the representation of under-represented groups. It is on this basis that we have received an Arts Council England Culture Recovery Fund Grant.

The Foundation will fulfil the programme of the grant through the active use of its collection.


Job description

The applicant will operate the day to day management of the activities of the Foundation as outlined in the programme agreed with the Arts Council, but will also bear in mind the strategic aim of ensuring that the Foundation can continue to be financially viable after 31st March 2021. This will mean working with our fundraisers, our curators, evaluators and allies* to prove the quality and efficacy of the current programme, to provide material for our fundraising campaign and to shape that programme so that we can maximise its ability to attract further funding.


  • The General Manager will report to Ben Coode-Adams – a director of the Victor Batte-Lay Foundation
  • Oversee day-to-day operations
  • Set policies and processes
  • Design strategy and set goals
  • Ensure employees work productively and develop professionally
  • Oversee recruitment and training of new employees
  • Evaluate and improve operations and financial performance
  • Direct the employee assessment process
  • Prepare regular reports for upper management
  • Ensure staff follow health and safety regulations
  • Provide solutions to issues as they arise
  • The General Manager will work closely with and supervise the Building Manager who will be responsible for building maintenance, exhibition installation, operate as an art technician in support of the artists and curators working with the Foundation and general building work as required.
  • The General Manager will work with the Café manager to ensure the success of the Café enterprise
  • The General Manager will work with our social media and PR team to ensure that our work is widely disseminated and its quality acknowledged and provide text to support this work
  • The General Manager will liaise with the fundraising team helping to deliver a successful and effective fundraising strategy
  • The General Manager will work with and facilitate the evaluation team ensuring high quality documentation of activities undertaken by the Foundation.

The General Manager with the Building Manager and other team members will organise oversee and facilitate:


  • The General Manager will manage the activities of the artists and curators with whom the Foundation is working in order to ensure the terms of our programme are fulfilled
  • The General Manager will develop positive relationships with our allies to facilitate the development of joint working
  • The General Manager will manage day to day budgets and ensure financial control and probity is maintained
  • The General Manager will assist in devising and delivering our audience development programme along with the artists and curators
  • The General Manager will develop artistic and social projects with Ben Coode-Adams, other Trustees and the other artists and curators involved



  • The General Manager will need to exhibit a practical frame of mind, ensuring sites of activity are compliant with fire, health & safety and Covid legislation
  • The General Manager will need to ensure a rigorous cleaning regimen is maintained in conjunction with agents and allies* of the Foundation and manage cleaning staff.
  • The General Manager will organise the booking of various activities in various sites and ensure the calendar of events is publicised
  • The General Manager will ensure invigilation of sites of activity for the agreed and publicised hours so the sites can be open to the public
  • The General Manager will deal with enquiries from and engagement with members of the public
  • The General Manager will assist with the goal of producing zero waste


Useful Skills 

  • The General Manager should have practical IT skills and be able to work with software as required
  • The General Manager will be expected to communicate clearly and engagingly, strategies, statements, reports and press releases verbally and in writing
  • The General Manager will need a practical and thrifty frame of mind in order to supervise and set the maintenance schedule as agreed with the Buildings Manager and Trustees
  • The General Manager will be expected to deal with the utilities of the sites including keeping the cost of provision of those services at a reasonable level as well as maintenance and servicing
  • DIY skills will be extremely useful
  • A driving license could be handy

*By ‘allies’ we mean any person working with or on behalf of the foundation but who is not directly contracted to the Foundation for example but not limited to, tenants, people delivering classes and workshops.

**By ‘sites’ we mean any location where activities of the trust are taking place.